Our latest, most advanced tuned spectrum will change the way you grow indoors.

PAR-FORCE™ Hybrid LED grow lights’ intense photon rich plant light emits 90% usable PAR light.


Its All About The Micromoles

PPF & PPFD Efficiency


The Phosphor Blend Difference

HYBRID Tailored Spectrums


Light Intensity Without Heat Issues

Panels & Fixture Dissipates Heat

Maximize Coverage & LED Grow Light Tips

Maximize Coverage & Grow Tips

Better Yields & Results


PAR-FORCE™ LED lighting systems provide more PAR light per joule of energy because they are constructed with smaller, more efficient milliamp LEDs that in numbers provide the intensity of larger three and five watt LED chips commonly used in competing products, and do so at lower operating temperatures. In addition, PAR-FORCE™ LEDs use a superior combination of a single blue LED and proprietary phosphor coatings to maximize PAR spectrum.


These key differences are why PAR-FORCE™ LEDs are rated to provide the highest intensity by the United States Department of Energy. In head-to-head tests, 500 watt PAR-FORCE LED lights consistently yield the same growth as the leading 1000 watt HPS lamps and in lab tests have repeatedly shown higher yield metrics than HPS.

PAR-FORCE™ LED savings in percentages when compared with leading 1000 watt HID traditional lighting technology.

  • Energy Savings 50%
  • Amp Load 50%
  • Cooling Costs 70%
  • Bulb Replacement 80%


With the most advanced spectrum recipes on the market, our lights deliver 90% usable PAR energy.

PAR-FORCE™ will change the way you grow indoors.  


PAR-FORCE™ LED Lights produce 25% more cannabinoids at one-quarter the cost to operate HID lights

  • PAR-FORCE™ LED lights use less than half the electricity of HID lights with comparable PAR output, run 5 years without a loss in bulb strength, and generate more PAR energy per dollar than any other light on the planet.
  • Energy-rich blue LEDs produce more photonic energy than any other light available
  • PAR-FORCE™ phosphor coatings generate the precise PAR spectrum needed for optimal vegetative growth & flowering.  These lights converts 90% of their input energy into usable PAR light, compared to 15% conversion for HID lights
  • 50 mAmp LED chips generate virtually no heat – fixtures can be placed 8” above the canopy without stressing the plants
  • 120 degree LED beam angles provide a mist of light that puts less stress on plants.
  • In side-by-side tests, PAR-FORCE™ LED lights produce 25% more THC and 40% more CBD per square foot than HID lights of comparable PAR output.  The increased yields pay for the lights in less than one grow cycle.

Better results at lower cost – why use anything else?

PAR-FORCE LED Grown Medical Cannabis

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